Learn Jazz Music at the Jazz Museum on Jazz Goes to Campus

Not only presents jazz music from various famous musicians of the country, Jazz Goes To Campus (JGTC) held at the Faculty of Business Economics, University of Indonesia, Depok, Sunday (26/11/2017) also presents a jazz museum. This museum presents a variety of interesting information about jazz music in the world.

“In this museum there are several sessions, first there is a photo gallery, posters from JGTC interviews a few years ago with Fariz RM,” said the staff of JGTC event, Arista at the Faculty of Business Economics, University of Indonesia, Depok, Sunday (26/11/2017).

In addition to photo galleries and posters, Arista added, the next session or second session visitors can find a full range of jazz gendre. Various jazz gedre is present from around the world that can increase the knowledge of visitors about jazz music.

“The two sessions have information about the complete jazz genre along with the walkmans and the visitors can listen to jazz music from every genre,” he added.

This museum is also more interesting with the jazz fun fact. Where visitors will find interesting facts about the music industry especially jazz. There are also jazz movies ready to entertain the visitors.

“Jazz fun fact and jazz timeline or jazz history.Jazz jazz tells about jazz,” he said.

To complete the visit, the museum also features an art installation. Among them is a collection of backdrop from a variety of jazz album images that can be used for visitors to take pictures. And do not miss the musical instruments are also identical jazz costumes are often used by jazz musicians.

“Lastly, there is art intalasi.Backdrop collection of jazz albums, saxophone instruments and jazz costumes, visitors can take advantage of the session to take pictures,” he said.

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